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american beauty (1999)

I want to want someone and to be wanted by someone the way he wants her.


A question for everyone. Do you think its possible to change nearly life long habits from anxiety and depression without the use of antidepressants? Or is it only possible to curtail them somewhat?

I know this might upset some and confuse others or cause discomfort of some sort but I had gotten sooooo much better when I was going thru similar situations when I started praying and learned to meditate on God. Maybe yoga or other forms of meditation can help ppls that don’t believe and I’m sure it can work in the sense where it helps alleviate a lot for a little while and in some time maybe even notice long term mending/relief/etc. I had really bad anxiety a few years ago and was depressed af. I was always trying to stay busy bc I felt like I genuinely hated everything and everyone. Like I was very chipper in public but tried od’ing on shit and meds behind closed doors bc I couldn’t deal w all the shit I was going thru atm. I thought I’d give God a shot and idk how else to put it but God got me thru that shit and even tho I’m more poor now and should be stressed more, I’m richer feeling in my heart than I was then-significantly more. That’s how I overcame it tho. It felt impossible but I didn’t worry about that when I decided to look into my church and I guess keeping my mind off things really helped. Again this is just my personal experience. God saved me from depression and I’m so grateful but it’s not for everyone so maybe yoga, exercise, meditation and writing can help?! :)

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me rn

also me
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my life is forever changed
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    This is beautiful

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    *whispers* Mulan, Merida, and Rapunzel didn’t have men saving them

    *regular voice* Lilo and Nani’s sisterly love for each other was a big point in their movie

    *slightly aggravated voice* Enchanted questioned marrying a man…


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    ▲ ▲ ▲ My life. This is me. ​Wtf is “sitting like a man” tho
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"Becoming homecoming king is kind of the only normal teenage dream I’ve had. I was really surprised, though, that I was nominated. I didn’t think it was attainable because I’m trans. But now I feel like I could get it. I’m taking the steps that need to be made for progress among the transgender community. I’m just trying to make the T in LGBT not so silent."
Blake, Age 17, Charlotte, NC. Photo by Laurel Golio. As told to Diana Scholl.
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Read more about Blake at We Are the Youth. And don’t forget to buy We Are the Youth: the book, which shares stories of LGBT youth throughout the United States!








    Lemon is someone out  theres favorite.

    thats the most uplifting thing ive read all day


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Japanese Traffic Cop. 

This is the picture I’ll be taking to my tailor from now on